Sunday, November 17, 2013

Manga artist announcement! Genshi Kamobayashi Sensei!

I proud to announce that the famous Japanese manga artist, Genshi Kamobayashi Sensei, has been signed to bring to life my Japan karate story through his amazing talents!

Kamobayashi Sensei has had a long career in Japan, and he should be well recognized in the karate community since he creates a new 'Magic' karate manga short-story each month for JKFan karate magazine, which is published here in Tokyo.

The style he will use for Sonny Leads is not the same as what he has used before, but his deep background in karate & other manga productions, plus the fact he is a karate instructor himself with his own dojo, means 'Sonny' is in very talented, knowledge and capable hands.

Much more info coming soon...!

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