Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Book tour arrives at LA's Anime Expo!

We had a great time promoting the book as the tour caught up with our publisher, Glenn Kardy of Manga University, at the massive Anime Expo in LA from July 4-6.

What I realised most in terms of how people react positively to the comic book is that this story is really about the human interactions Sonny has with those people directly involved in his life, from his coach and friends to in Japan dealing with the different sensei, his home stay family, his co-workers and his new friends. The vehicle of the story may be about fascinating karate, but the human element of how both in funny and serious ways Sonny deals with one life moment to the next is the most touch element of the book.

So at Anime Expo, when describing the book the potential readers, the karate angle may have caught their eye at first, the story of Sonny's journey through real Japan most intrigued them.

100,000 of cos-players at this event! Wow.

While not a karate sporting event, the reaction from the anime/manga fans to the comic book was actually really great though.

Lots of people had actually done martial arts and many are interested in going to Japan one day.

And it was lots of fun speaking to people passionate about good artwork.

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